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The Saifee Burhani School of Nursing (SBSON) is dedicated to excellence in nursing teaching, scholarship, practice and professional service. Nursing education is a unique practice discipline with it’s own national accrediting standards and legislated licensure requirements. SBSON is the first academic unit of Saifee Hospital and Burhani Hospital. Both hospitals are one of the leading hospitals in the territory of North Nazimabad and old city area and these hospitals have 250+ beds in total. It has got recognition from Pakistan Nursing Council in 2017 and have got affiliation from Dow University of Health Sciences (DUHS) for 4 years Bachelors of Science in Nursing Program

  • Teaching and Learning
  • Quality and Safety
  • Integrity
  • Diversity
  • Competence
  • Community Service
  • Collaboration
  • Caring


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The Saifee Burhani School of Nursing (SBSON) is to educate nursing and clinical professionals through excellence in teaching, scholarship, service and community engagement. Emphasis is placed on educating individuals to improve health outcomes and quality of life in diverse populations.


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Why Choose Saifee

In addition to Saifee Hospital and Burhani Hospital, a variety of other clinical areas throughout the city are used for learning experience. These include large metropolitan hospitals, maternity homes, clinics, community primary healthcare centers and other health facilities. These hospitals provide the student exposure to a number of clinical disciplines related to all areas of medical and surgical nursing, pediatric, obstetrics and gynaecology, NICU, PICU, ICU, Dialysis Unit, Emergency, Operation Theaters and Outpatient departments. In addition, students also visit slaughter house, milk plant, water purification plant, sewage treatment plant, food industries, textile industry, sanitariums, centers for Mentally and Physically disabled, EPI Clinic, Basic Health Unit, Rural Health Unit, Outpatient Department, Public Health Centre, Social Development Organization, Handicraft Center for Rehabilitation of patients, Visit to center of excellence, Family planning unit, Leprosy center and rehabilitation centers etc.

Computer Lab

The Computer Lab is equipped with (9) personal computers, it provides learning opportunities to students, staff and faculty. Here students spend their time either attending computer related courses or in search of information through easy access of the internet or compact disc encyclopedia. Individuals can also view various educational videos from the AV’s video library. Latest software packages are installed on computers which include MS Office, Epi info, Spss etc. Computer lab Incharge is always available to assist users with any computer-related query. High class Laser printer is also available for any kind of printing needs.

Science Lab

The Science Lab is a practical resource for students, which allows them to learn and understand scientific concepts and principles which the students study in their theory classes. They perform experiments and get a chance to have a hands-on experience for further developing their cognitive skills. The lab has the latest equipments which includes, audio visual aids, models and posters etc. for the students of all the program in SBSON.

Student Healthcare

The Student Health Service at SBSON ensures that students, during their educational period at the institution have access to adequate routine medical care and prompt medical aid in emergencies. For this purpose, facilities are available at the Outpatient Department (OPD) and the Emergency at nominal charges. During the first week of admission students are required to have full medical fitness test and vaccinations.


The specially designed SBSON’s Auditorium has capacity to accommodate 80-100 people and is a central and important space. It is used for all types of formal assembly, lectures, award ceremonies, conferences, inaugural ceremonies, dramatic plays, performances. SBSON Auditorium is equipped with permanently installed audio-visual and video conferencing equipment including wall mounted speakers and multimedia. Audiences will enjoy high-definition visual content displayed on screen during conferences and sessions. Speakers can present with ease using a fully equipped podium.