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Saifee Burhani School of Nursing | SBSON


The Saifee Burhani School of Nursing (SBSON) is dedicated to excellence in nursing teaching, scholarship, practice and professional service. Nursing education is a unique practice discipline with it's own national accrediting standards and legislated licensure requirements. SBSON is the first academic unit of Saifee Hospital and Burhani Hospital. Both hospitals are one of the leading hospitals in the territory of North Nazimabad and old city area and these hospitals have 250+ beds in total. SBSON is recognized by Pakistan Nursing Council and affiliated from Dow University of Health Sciences for 4 Years Generic Bachelors of Science In Nursing and 2 Years Post RN Bachelors of Science In Nursing Program.


The Saifee Burhani School of Nursing (SBSON) will be recognized as a center of excellence in nursing education, practice and research that prepares nursing professionals to shape a dynamic healthcare environment and serve a diverse community.


The Saifee Burhani School of Nursing (SBSON) is to educate nursing and clinical professionals through excellence in teaching, scholarship, service and community engagement. Emphasis is placed on educating individuals to improve health outcomes and quality of life in diverse populations.


  • Teaching and Learning
  • Quality and Safety
  • Integrity
  • Diversity
  • Competence
  • Community Service
  • Collaboration
  • Caring

  • Strategic Aims / Goals:

  • Create the most powerful learning experience possible for students
  • Recruit, retain and develop quality faculty, administration and staff in appropriate numbers
  • Ensure growth and sustainability

  • Key Objectives:

  • Maintain and enhance our reputation for excellence in teaching and producing exceptional graduates in nursing
  • Enhance reputation for excellence in nursing education which positively impacts on practice
  • Create a structured faculty development program to foster excellence in teaching and research for new and continuing faculty
  • Attract and retain high quality staff capable of delivering on the SBSON’s vision and values
  • Expansion in programs and progression to degree programs offered by SBSON